The Dad Dive – March 30, 2022

Bitcoin’s got a new nemesis: Environmental activists. Organizations like Greenpeace USA, Environmental Working Group, and others will run a campaign to force Bitcoin to consume less energy. They will start by issuing advertisements in The New York Times, Politico and The Wall Street Journal and bring into limelight the ill-effects of Bitcoin on the environment. Who’s supporting this? Chris Larsen, co-founder of Ripple, who’s bankrolling it with $5 million. 

The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index below, shows Bitcoin’s energy consumption over the years.

In other crypto news, a hacker stole $625 million worth of crypto from Ronin, the blockchain behind NFT game Axie Infinity. If that was bad, here’s worse: The hack went undetected for a week! Read  about it in this report by The Verge.

A Dad Cheer

This week, Crypto Dads released a bunch of Finance and Business Tools. Current subscribers can get access to this folder in the Discord to gain access to professional, personal finance, and business tools. They can help you land the big job, enhance your personal finance journey, or even start your own business.

How to Make Money

Just ask our experts. @KJ alerts clocked 55% trading ETH:

@Maximus had a field day too!

Your Friendly Reminder

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