From the moment you join the Discord, you will be guided by your own personal mentor. With their 1:1 individualized support, your mentor will identify your goals and experience level, and will place you in one of our three Roadmap levels based on the criteria below.

Experience with Discord Experience with Trading
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Roadmap Level 1: Little to no experience with trading/investing or the Discord platform.
Roadmap Level 2: Experience with trading/investing or the Discord platform, but not both.
Roadmap Level 3: Experience with both trading/investing AND the Discord platform.

Depending on which Roadmap level you are placed in initially, you will be provided with a structured and organized outline of the tasks we recommend completing, and the order in which we recommend you complete them. As you complete your tasks (at your own pace), you will graduate to the next level in the Roadmap.

Participation in the Roadmap is optional, however, once you have completed all of the Roadmap levels, you will be rewarded for your dedication!